Long Weekend Get-away!

I had much expectations for Montreal before I went there, that's probably why it didn't impress me like I thought it would, but I still loved the trip!

We didn't go to many places, because the bus rides were awfully long...we waited in Ottawa for 4 hours..anyway, that's a different story. Montreal's COLD! But at least it was all sunny when we were there. My favourite part was the place that we stayed in. It's this little B&B place on Saint-Laurent called Le 9 et Demi It's just so cute and cozy and colorful. It felt just like home! I'd recommend to you all to stay there on your next visit : )

While visiting the CCA, I found out about Freecycle though an exhibition. It is an organization that encourages exchanging of items that you want to get rid off. So instead of tossing it into the land-fill, why not give it to someone who would put it into good use?

I swear...no more 11-hour night buses for me. hehe.

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poor kids.

(i'm referring to the last image.)

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