I Miss You Santa Monica

I came across these cute engagement photos taken at the Santa Monica pier by Max Wanger today...then I realized, "ohh! i really miss Santa Monica!" As much as I hated LA, Santa Monica still has its place in my heart, well only its downtown and beaches area really, but that's good enough.

Eating Fat Burgers with Shirley on the beach making every girl there jealous of us was the best time ever!

p.s. the lollipop ring idea is so genius, Wanger takes such playful photos


koogepanini said...

haha the fatburger incident. I was watching I love you man and when I saw the sign for Venice and then the sunny boardwalk...I almost cried. It was so emotional.

su xin said...

where's Santa Monica? USA? i like that blue diamond ring candy~haha~ it's nowhere to buy in beijing now...

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