long weekend

I had a long weekend, so I decided to help Celine out on Jin's big birthday party. We were packing up prizes, chopping up food, chatting, laughing, it was a really relaxing afternoon. And see how adorable these prizes turned out to be? That's why I love wrapping gifts so much! The party turned out great on Saturday. More photos to come on that one.
I went to the new Don Mills outdoor shopping mall to check out the newly opened McEwan's gourmet grocery store and Anthropologie! I love outdoor shopping centres, they make me feel like I'm still living in California! Oh, but the best thing of the day was I got to try Macorons! These things are so heavenly delicious, I wish I could make them myself.
p.s. I made some changes to the blog, hope you like it!


f.lai said...

do you have a fetish for photographing your own feet?

but i like it (not the feet, i meant the change). keep up the adventures future housemate~

Celine said...

yay! Thanks may for helping me with the party! It turned out so well! Everyone loved the decor, and I really think everyone had a blast at the scavenger hunt! The new look of your blog is beautiful! I am thinking I need to change mine too.

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