oh so behind

Again, it's Wednesday already and I'm just giving you an update from the weekend. If my computer didn't get infected with some email virus, I would of caught up a little faster!

The weekend was super exciting, I went to the yardage sale on Friday with Pui and picked up really cute and cheap fabric, but now they're just sitting in a box waiting for me to make something out of it. Maybe a tote bag and spring tops.

Sunday..sunday...oh! Celine, Jin, and I went to this vintage camera sale thing in Vaughan and whao! it was like seeing cameras in museums. I finally found the SX-70 I've always wanted! Film is the problem now though..they're not that hard to find, but beacuse of their rarity, they're too expensive for me to support a hobby now. It's nice to simply open it and watch it sitting on the shelf. One day, one day, I'll shoot some polaroid films!

p.s. my computer is infected pretty badly, and I can't open any internet browsers..Let's hope it'll come back to me soon!

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koogepanini said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about the virus. I hope you get it fixed soon because your computer is pretty new. Looking forward to seeing your future polaroids!

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