spring ruffle top

I finally got time to make this spring ruffle top from Made by Rae
I used some of the fabrics i bought from the Yardage Sale at the Textile Museum: Thin navy gingham for the body and ruffles, and a purpley floral cotton for the chest band and shoulder straps. It turned out to be a very summery top!

It only took me about a day and half to make this, so if you like to sew something new for your wardrobe, give this top a shot.

Happy sewing!


f.lai said...

you own a sewning machine and aren't doing this by hand right?

saeran said...

actually, I do have a day and a half, but I'm not sure I could pull off the spring ruffle top.

not really my usual style.

May said...

yes fernie! i bought a sewing machine just recently, so i can get my hands on some pretty fabrics :)

Saeran, i think you could be really good at this. it's time to get your hands on some solid projects man!

Venus ~ Vi said...

That is tres chic!

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