lovely things in florence


lunch menu

I forgot to tell you about the lovely shops and cafes i went to in Florence.

I don't know why waffles are so popular in Florence. Isn't it a dutch thing? But it's really delicious! Waffle+Nutella is a very filling dessert!

I found Liberty Fabric in a really cute shop! There were 2 ladies making hand sewing things when I walked in. Such lovely people.

We discovered a cafe (Cafe Deluxee) that serves burgers and brunch! I had a burger for lunch not exactly done in the American way but good enough to satisfy my craving. The place is really hip, it reminded me much of the cafes in downtown Toronto.

I'm missing Toronto a lot these days..


Gabe said...

you miss toronto? you mean you miss gabe!

we dont eat nutella enough eh? when you come home we'll adopt it into our breakfast routine

NW. said...

i'll admit i'm curious what you're doing over there in europe... study abroad?.. work?.. adventure?..(all the above?)..
i wish i was there myself, so i soak it up vicariously through the great pictures (food especially)

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