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rabbit and pancakes

Weekend is always the high-light of my week, because of the extended sleeping hours and most importantly bacon and eggs.

If you follow The 4417 Mile Diet, you should already know how much Gabe and I love brunch, but instead cooking our own we went to the Hoof Café with a couple of good friends. This tiny restaurant serves high quality meaty brunch, which we sure would like.

We were told the wait would be 45 mins, so we went over to Ezra's pond for coffee and chit chatted, the coffee is strong and delicious, much reminded of the many many cappuccinos I've had in Rome.

The wait ended up being an hour and half..but the meal was well worth it.

Gabe said it is now he's favourite brunch place. What's yours?

I'm in love with the bar cabinets there, I'd like those to be in my kitchen.


trishie said...

One of my fav things to do on the weekend is to have brunch anywhere as long as there's bright sunlight.

ashley said...

may, this looks like such a good place. those cabinets are perfect.

Gabe said...

so we going again this weekend? =]

Hannah Sadie said...

I found your blog by accident - I must be lucky. It's so sweet!

May said...

trichie, i absolutely agree with you, a beam of sunlight would make my brunch so much more tasty!

ashley, this is a new favourite brunch place indeed.

Gabe, yes yes, we have to go there again, soon!

Hannah Sadie, thank you!!


the hoof cafe is by far my favourite brunch spot! and i would also LOVE those cabinets in my kitchen. GAH!

Ulrika said...

looks like an amazing place!
happy weekend :)

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