I haven't been in the blogging mood at all this week, but it's Friday (yay!), I have to post something.

I took these photos the past weekend at the harbourfront. I rarely go to that part of town only because it's covered with high-rise condos and not much interesting things could be found there.

Although, with the waterfront revitalization project underway, we might see the neighborhood differently. Those wavy board walks are my favourites.

What's your waterfront like?

Happy weekend!


Celine said...

does that vespa have enough mirrors? haha! can't be too careful I suppose!
can't wait for ramen! I still have to ask jin when. Tuesday maybe?

Gabe said...

ramen! (hopefully the place is open)

nice photos.. i see some ghostly reflections of our hotel room on the first photo!

alexandria said...

hehe that vespa photo...seriously classic!

There is a place I often each lunch that has a bunch of wavy steps to sit on...I think that's as close to a cool wavy boardwalk we get in the neighborhood. I hope your weekend was awesome.

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