I don't post these kind of things that often, but I feel the need this time.

We watched The Cove last night, a millions of different feelings rushed into me while I was watching it. I've realized that I need to do my part to help these lovely creatures that I love so much of.

Please, if you haven't seen the movie, watch it. The film crew has made a tremendous effort to bring the truth out to us.

We got to stop the horror still happening in Taiji.

You can visit the website, and sign the petition to help.
Spread the word too, our blogging community can do so much.


Elisabelle said...

I just added a note on my last post and I'll go sign the petition.
Thanks for letting us know.

Gabe said...

good job love, way to spread the word.

i think its safe to say, we both thought this was simply powerful, and most importantly honest.

great documentary to an aweful secret

Bart said...

just signed the petition

Catherine said...

Wow, I had no idea. That's really awful. Thanks for letting us know!

alexandria said...

So glad you shared this. This was very powerful.

ApachesPrincess said...

Beautiful flowers!

I will be checking out the website to sign the petition. Thanks!

Amanda Factor said...

Everyone should see this film. I was impressed at how they managed to make it so informative and so entertaining at the same time. But I couldn't handle the scene with the slaughtering, I hid my eyes like a baby. Makes me never want to travel to Japan until the government does something about this.

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