on the weekend and my forgetfulness

Thank you for all your comments from the last post, I'm so encouraged to take more film photos now! I love hearing from all of you.

The long weekend was very sunny but I only got some gray shots, because I forgot to put my charged battery back in my camera before I went out on Friday. I was really mad at myself.

p.s. A goat cheese tart recipe I tried over the weekend. Delicious, but took me half a day to find all the ingredients

p.p.s an epic 100 metre long photo


saeran said...

"Sunday, Gabe and I went up to Markham, so I thought oh what's so interesting in Markahm? No need to bring camera.."

This is only 99% true - I'm in Markham and am incredibly interesting.

Nice photos.

Gabe said...

ya huh! markham is awesome.

saeran, where did grow up in markham?

i can attest that the goat cheese tart was uber tasty yummy even tho we don't have photos. and totally worth the trek around the city to find all the ingredients

did i take the first photo? outside of universal grill?

tiger wu!

saeran said...

way up north dude - on 16th and Markham. (Went to Markville).

stephanie renee said...

great photos!

alexandria said...

The photos of you and Gabe are so awesome! I can imagine you have so much fun together.

Anonymous said...

your photos are gorgeous. love your blog. :)

Anna Emilia said...

Happy jumping dear May (:

Ulrika said...

these shots are so pretty!

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