Hello, I've been kind of a lazy bum these days. I find it hard to pick up my camera while I have the school burden on my shoulders.

But for the Victoria Day long weekend, I finally had a chance to take photos again, mainly because it was a special occasion, I turned 23 last Sunday!

We had my birthday brunch at Langdon Hall. I had no idea such a lovely place exists in Cambridge. Once you step onto Langdon Hall's property, you won't feel like you're in Cambridge at all. The people there are so nice, they let us use their bikes and ride on their trails.

I hope you had a great long weekend too!


Ida Nielsen said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a nice day :-)

Celine said...

happy birthday May! (belated, sorry!)
God! I didn't even know that such a nice place existed in Cambridge either!

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