a fine man

I appologize for these ghostly photos. If they're a little brighter, they would complement the story I have to tell very well, but for now, you'd just have to look really hard to find bits of clues, and believe the story I tell you.

Just a couple of days before Remembrance day, I started talking to a veteran giving out poppies in the subway station during lunch time. He started telling me how he used to travel alot, and that he was sent to Hong Kong for a couple of days after Hiroshima was bombed. He told me what it was like to ride one of those double decker buses there.

I asked if I could took a photo of him, and he gladly agreed to it. After realizing I'm a photo enthusiast, he said to me "I have something that you might want to see", so he pulled out this black and white photograph of a young solider. "That's me when I was eighteen; my wife just found it while she was cleaning the attic today", he said. How wonderful is that. I always loved to old photographs. (You can see faint image of the photograph if you look hard enough in the second photo.)

There's so much story to this old man, I could listen to him talking all day long. I wish the photos turned out better, then you can see what I saw too.


alexandria said...

What a neat story! I love it when older people share a bit about their lives. It usually so fascinating. I'm glad you posted about this.

Gabe said...

what a sweet little story. i wish i got to meet him too. I don't know if I, or anyone in our generation, growing up in canada would have enough courage to go to a part of the world after a disastrous bomb like that.

Megan said...

This is a great story! The ghost-like quality of the photos is nice too. I'm always too scared to ask strangers if I can take their photo so I think it's great you had the courage to ask!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So amazinng. x hivennn.

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