from the month of may

High Park

Giant Scrabble

It's going to be quite around here for the next two weeks as I head to the west. I will leave you with photos taken when the air was still cool, and the sprouts were new.

I can't believe it's going to be July already.

Happy birthday to Canada tomorrow. The festivities will go on when I arrive in LA. Have a celebratory long weekend friends!


Ida Nielsen said...

I love that giant scrabble :-) Have a great trip!

alexandria said...

Wow on the blossoms and I love the blurred photo at the end. I hope you have an awesome time on your holiday! Happy Summer, May.

Celine said...

May! Have a great trip! I was going to email you and say that we will miss you, but here is even better! We'll miss you! I'm taking care of your tomatoes and edamame! Should be fun!

come back with lots of stories! have fun with family!

Gabe said...

sexy pose!

amanda jane said...

your may looks pretty grand! lovely.

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures! and the scrabble looks like fun!

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