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I'm still here, just been busy with work, moving and unpacking. I'm loving my new apartment, it's the brightest apartment I've ever lived in. Morning sun is always good for me.

One of my favourite things of summer is grocery shopping at the farmer's market. I haven't been to many this year, but I managed to pick up some fresh mint and strawberries at the farmer's market in front of city hall. I'm kind of addicted to mint lately. I've been putting it into my salads and teas. Think it's time to grow some of my own.


Mdmslle. said...

I totally agree! Mint is one of the most flexible herbs ever! And so easy to grow, ours is becoming more and more every year, we don't have to do anything. And if you don't have a garden, grow it in a big stony pot, it will work too!

t a n y a said...

so great to be in a new place, especially one flooded with sunlight!

fresh strawberries are where it's at!

schorlem├Ądchen said...

that looks wonderful..I love the rich colour..the fruit and veggie produce in summer is just unbeatable...and I LOVE farmers markets too

Celine said...

love that photo of mint!
you should grow some!! Mint is quite easy to grow, actually they take over the garden because they are so strong!!
can't wait to see your new place!

studio meez said...

Good luck with moving and unpacking!

I should get myself some mint. Fresh mint tea is the best!

Lisa said...

That white pot in the last picture is very pretty. Your place looks so nice, wooden floors, white walls and a lot of light = everything to make the perfect appartment.

Sofia said...

I love the Ipomea in the last picture. I'm actually working at a garden as my summer job, but too bad we only plant flowers. Would've been great to get all my herbs from work :)

Ann Marie said...

love farmers markets! your photos are so so lovely.

{i love mint in my limeaide}

Shirley said...

Sorry I haven't dropped by in a while, how much I've missed! I just went for a growing your veggies class today and it was fun! I think you should try growing some since your apartment is so sunny, it looks lovely from your photos.

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