bocce ball


Although the weekend was chilly and rainy, we had a great time at Geoff's farm back in June. The air has cooled down quite a bit here already. Are we having a short summer this year?


Mdmslle. said...

I know what you mean. Summer just appeared for a short time this year. Although I am on vacation right now, I know that in Germany it is just about 15 degrees, way too cold for August! Enjoy your time!

Gabe said...

woa.. where did the reddish tint come from? are these all half frame or are the landscape ones from the FM2?

erica-knits said...

No no! I think we're supposed to have a long summer (I hope). I love the red tint in your photos!

Anonymous said...

i just found your blog, and i just LOVE all of your photos..!

you look like you've been having so much fun, despite the short summer :)

off to spy on your pinterest page now...

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