Half a year in a roll {2}

Christmas Market Christmas Market Paddle the Don Jane's Walk playground Sugar Beach
I love anything nostalgic, so you can imagine how excited I was when my mom handed me a Yashica camera that my parents used to use when I was a baby. I never knew my parents were into photography, but apparently my dad used to shoot with a medium format! Sadly, he doesn't know what happened to it after we've moved so many times.

Similar to the other roll, this one stayed in the Yashica for about half a year as well. But, when I was taking it out last week, I accidentally opened the chassis halfway through winding the film and ruined a couple photos. I thought the whole roll might not turn out at all, but I was so relieved when the photo lab technician told me my total came to be $17.34 (if nothing came out I'd only need to pay $3+hst ), he must have thought I was weird when I presented myself with a big smile.  Anyway that is why this post jumps from Christmas market to this spring's Jane's walk. You can see the first photo is marked by my mistake, but the imperfection makes it better, I think.

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