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Happy new year to all of you! I haven't been very diligent with blogging, something about winter just makes me really lazy..Over the holidays, I went on a trip to Beijing to attend my dearest friend Chelsea's wedding. I've known Chelsea since the first day of 10th grade, and Darren since 11th grade, so I ought to be the 3rd happiest person to see the two of them finally tying the knot after being together for 9 years!

Last year when I visited LA, I had the intention to take a few engagement photos for them. I wasn't the most comfortable under my skin with a camera at hand, since I had never done such thing on my own. We took photos in downtown LA with the warmest sunshine and shared a great time, but I decided I wasn't very happy with them when I returned home. I never took another look at them until I got back from their wedding. This time, I had realized maybe I was a little too judgmental of myself. Although they're not the best images out there, they're sincere representations of their relationship and love for each other.

I'm glad I decided to give this set of photos another chance, and after a few tweaks, I think I'm quite happy with the way they are.


Gabe said...

I'm glad you decided to revisit and share the photos. Brilliant warm light and colours, and i'm sure Chelsea and Darren very much loved these captures :)

Chelsea Yu said...

Awwww Dear~~ we love these photos!!! It means a lot to us that you took our engagement photos!! These reminds me of the time that we spent together in LA in 2011~~haha~~

Love u and miss u,

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