Day trip to Macau

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I'm still back logging here, but this post will conclude my June travel photos!
This trip to Macau was totally spontaneous. I decided to take a day-trip on my own the very night before I boarded the ferry from Hong Kong. When I arrived, I went straight to the bus terminal only to realize I had no idea what I wanted to see let alone which bus to take. I took many detours and received many generous pointers to finally get to the city centre in the afternoon. Macau is quite small, and I was able to explore the town on foot. Though, the weather was not on my side--it had thunderstormed all day and my feet were just soaking in my wet keds since early morning. My complains are only part of the story, and the truth is...I really enjoyed this adventure on my own. I've never entertained the idea to travel to a foreign place on my own, but this is a start, maybe I can backpack for a couple of days on my own next? Baby steps :)


Celine said...

Ahh I want to go to Macau the next time I go back to HK! It looks so beautiful through your photos!

alexandria said...

Macau looks so fascinating. I love these photos.

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