Friday Out n' Abouts

I love Fridays! My weekend technically starts when Thursday ends :)

This Friday was my cubical buddy Kenneth's last day at work, and of course a farewell lunch as necessary in this occasion. But instead of dinning in a nice restaurant, we decided to sit by a plannted and have fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. It was quite nice with the sunshine warming our back, oh and the food was delicious indeed!

On most Fridays, I get to spend the nights with my lovely girl friends. This time we decided to have a food venture at the Lahore Tikka House. This restaurant is literally in a shack! I'm not kidding. All the furniture they have are plastic tables and chairs and all the food are served on disposable plates. But we loved the food. it's very flavuorful and spicy just how we liked it! Of course we had to stuff our stomachs completely full. hehe

When Saturday rolls around, I just want to stay home..but it's so nice out! I plan to bake some wafers today, I shall go out and pick up some ingridients.

Have a great weekend friends!


Celine said...

that Tikka place sounds like so much fun!!
Did you end up making waffles?

Miss. 5 said...

nope...i got lazy haha
but i'll do it this weekend!

Kenneth said...

you miss me yet?
neat stuff you got,
can you make a bacon scarf?
they are awesome. and delicious

-ken in hk

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