Yellow Headband

Spring is here, just in time for some colour in my hair..so voila! I finished this yellow headband!

I originally wanted to learn how to crochet a flower by you-tubing it, but mine turned out to be nothing like what the lady demonstrated..so i just kept on going and there, it turned into this, haha. I like it.

I was thinking of adding a few buttons on the centre of the flowers, what do you think?


koogepanini said...

I wore something like that when I was five lol...but you made it from scatch so I guess we're cool about it haha.

Miss. 5 said...

haha, anything i wear on my head you'd call it lame basically

koogepanini said...

Lol I didn't say it was lame my dear. It'd be a great present for a younger girl? It's pretty but young. Accept it...we're old now.

Celine said...

I like this May! I love the colour! it is so spring! And it looks great! Even tho it didn't turn out like a flower. I like this little frill!
Maybe instead of adding buttons, you can make one with just buttons, and not the frills!

su xin said...

i love ur camera much more!!!

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