Momzie sews!

I've asked my mom to send me pictures of the seat cushions she's been making, and she finally sent me an email today! So here it is friends, a hand sewn seat cushion my mom made out of fabric scraps. You can't really see the details, but It's strips of fabrics that are folded into triangles and sewn together. Actually I still quite don't know how it's made, I've only seen it once..but it's a wonderful piece of work even for hanging on the wall :)

I have to brag a little about my mom here. Almost everything I wore when I was little, from skirts to sweaters, was made by my mom. And in my little mind, she was the "can do everything" mother. She has always been inspiring to me when it comes to designing and making things. 爱你呀 妈妈!


su xin said...

How lovely!!! national style? haha~
it seems u are realy stuck on handcraftingand and crocheting~ hehe

rosalyn said...

that's so awesome! i really love the bunny binding! :)

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