April is daffodil month.

I finally got these daffodils i ordered from work a couple of weeks ago as a support to the Canadian Cancer Society. Daffodils are such beautiful flowers which also embodies a sweet but subtle smell to it. They don't need much to blossom, just water and gravel. I guess for that reason Chinese people call them 水仙花 (Water Goddesses).

I can't wait till these to blossom..and bring a little bit more of spring into my apartment.

A couple of things on my mind..
- I must decide on a colour palette for the granny square blanket I've been wanting to work on.
- I need to pick out a fabric for the skirt I'll be working on in sewing class..I'm thinking a red or yellow gingahm?
- and..I gotta plan out my weekend with meaningful things!! Ideas?


su xin said...

is it hard to get daffodils in Canada...i love daisy!but i'm puzzled why there's noplace to sell in beijing...and in the net either...

koogepanini said...

oooo my fav flowers! so pretty!

alpha grid said...

your lips look nice in the picture, hah

i still like lilies the best.

Miss. 5 said...

xiao su, i'm sure there're daisies sold in beijng, aren't the flower markets opened up by now?

shirley, they're blossomed now! even prettier

thanks amy! i love lilies too!!

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