Rem would be very proud

I couldn't resist to post this! Someone in LA opened up an architecture inspired ice-cream shop and named it after Rem. Oh what??!! ..Yeah that was my question too.

Coolhaus is said to be some sort of new sandwich ice-cream: instead of using cookies, they use bread for the sandwiching part it looks like. I'm sure it taste good, cuz duh! all ice-cream related deserts taste good! But it's the fact that they have a architecture twist to their branding that has gained them popularity.

I love how they named the flavours. "Umm, I'd like to try the Frank Behry please!"


(via Oh Joy!)

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alpha grid said...

HAHAHAHAHA. We aren't the only geeks around, lol.

Matt & Nat has bags inspired by architects and artists too. One of the bags I was eyeing is named "Warhol". Totally made my day :) See it here: http://www.mattandnat.ca/product/search/collection/5/Pool

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