summer-like days

The weather has been swinging quite a bit these days here in Toronto. Just 2 weeks ago, it was still snowing, but now we've just had a 27 degrees sunny weekend. Ohhh I'm definitely not complaining when it's warm and sunny out there! Saturday was beautiful, I walked along Ossington and popped in galleries and shops here and there.. the thunder storm didn't even stop us. Then I went on a dinner date with Jin and Celine. Mmmm..Pizza, great way to end the day..

I Hope you had a great weekend too!


alpha grid said...

do you guys often go onto double dates or something? hahaha

and very nice photographs.

Celine said...

omg, looking at your blog, we DO go on a lot of double dates. haha!!
Fatty double dates.

Venus ~ Vi said...

I like the stories thru your lens. You have a great eye for details~

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