Boogie Woogie

I've finally made my way to a cottage after living in Ontario for 4 years.
It was an amazing experience like no others!

We spent the weekend on a private island called Boogie Woogie just north of Bancroft.

It wasn't a typical cottage weekend, because other than all the chatting, playing and eating, drinking we were also ripping down scaffolding, putting in soffits, painting walls ect. for a new cottage of Lauren and Jon's for their new generation.

I'm back home now. Oh..how I wish I could capture the the tingling stars and show you the milky way in the calm sky! I miss it already.

Luckily I brought a piece of the island back with me. It's makes me happy.


Celine said...

the ISLAND is called boogie woogie! hahaha! I love it! It sounds amazing! I would love a cottage on a private island! Sounds so romantic!

koogepanini said...

then we should go camping together sometime!

Toothfairynotes said...

what a funny name for an island!
I love the 3d pic!


NW. said...

i like the shot of the trees.
simple, yeah
but cool

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