a short one



I'm dropping by here for a bit, to show you some photos from the weekend.

+I got to start on a laptop sleeve for traveling in Rome.
+Jess's Dog Niko is the cuttest little dog I've ever met. Look at her button eyes!
+The garden is in full bloom, I especially like these purple lilies.

How was your weekend?


koogepanini said...

Stuffed my face with all-you-can-eat japanese at Ten-Ichi...elegant - I know but that was last night. But I'm counting it as the weekend. :)

May said...

sounds like my kinda weekends!
does Ten-Ichi have teppanyaki as well? feel like i've been there before.

NW. said...

Do you take all these pictures?
they are amazing, seriously

Fine Little Day said...

I like the cloth.

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