a calm weekend

at the pier

blackberry buttermilk cake

Last week has been crazy, humid, hot, and stormy.
Luckily the weekend was beautiful.

I stayed in on Sunday, did a little packing and made a delicious blackberry buttermilk cake. Oh and I ate it with buttermilk ice-cream!

buttermilk is a magical ingredient.


Celine said...

buttermilk! I haven't really used it before! but it was good?? Your blackberry buttermilk cake looks pro! Glad to hear you had a great weekend! enjoy your last moments of work!!!!!

made sweet said...

it looks so incredibly delicious. maybe i'll do some baking today...you've inspired me. :)

chrrristine said...

I just found you blog, and I love it, your pictures are so beautiful!
best, Christine

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