La Bomboche

Here I am, talking about food again :)

I shot a wedding last Saturday at Pangaea where the couple had a 10 course meal feast in celebration of their Marriage. We were treated the same as the guests, so to summarize the night, it was filled with delicious food and endless enjoyment. The wedding deserves it's own post, and i'll share it with you in full details once the photos are processed!

What I'm really trying to tell you is that they had a Macaron tree as their wedding cake! Mmmmm, they were delicious! Then yesterday I had discovered that the pastry shop that made the tree - La Bomboche -is just 5 mins walk from my work, so that's where I went during lunch hours yesterday. I had the lavender flavour, my favourite so far.

Many people have said they make the best Macarons in Toronto.
Do you know any better ones in Toronto? Or good Macaron bakers in your city?

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made sweet said...

a macaron tree as a wedding cake sounds amazing! i love creative wedding cakes. and...a ten course meal? so cool. i don't think i've ever had one of those in my life.

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