We went to the Porta Portese Market Today.

We heard it's the biggest flea market in Rome.

It disappointed me a lot when I first got there, because all i saw were dollar-store-looking things. But as we were leaving, i noticed a booth selling antiques, and it had these awesome looking keys. I knew I wanted to have them on the spot. I couldn't take all of them home, so I picked these 6. I love how rustic looking they are.


Celine said...

they are amazing!!! I always wanted a collection of keys like that to hang on the wall!

Ahhh yes, Porta Portese is an interesting market. Stalls and stalls and stalls of the same cheap things! But I remember the few good stalls there! I am so glad you found some good things!

May said...

celine! i'm happy that i found these!
i think i'm gonna go back and get more. i'll get some for you too!

Hannah Elise said...

Those keys are so neat, What a find!

Venus ~ Vi said...

I have been searching for them at the antique shops and nothing was quite as neat as these. They would made lovely charms for vintage-theme necklace.

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