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I've been away for a few days, and went on a field trip to southern Italy with my class. The weather turned out beautiful for the trip. We went to so many cities and towns in the past five days: Cuma, Baia, Pompeii, Peastum, Capri and Sperlonga. Every place had a very unique character. I loved them all, but I think I love Sperlonga the most, because of it's gorgeous beach and white buildings stacked on the hillside.

The pictures shall tell the story.


saeran said...

I'm in the first photo!


misse ward said...

This is so great. What kind of awesome course do you do that takes you on field trips like this?

Thanks for following me on misse! Your photos are great too. Feel free to follow me on my other blog, www.studiodaydream.blogspot.com

x misse

Anonymous said...

Oh those are wonderful! I love the last one especially.

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