North Trip! {Part 4}

venetian windows

I hope you're liking these photos from the trip. I'm almost at the end.

I know you must be excited to see those venetian windows, but we're not in Venice yet, close enough tho!

Those windows are from Verona, a city with a interesting flare of medieval and Renaissance architecture. I love the clock on the tower. And did you know Juliet's house is in Verona? Those love notes posted all over the wall are for the hope to have her bless.

From Verona we headed to Vicienza, where I had the most food on this trip! We lived up on the hill while we were there, and hence the beautiful sunset photo :)


Celine said...

seeing you go through your Rome trip makes me recall my own. Memeories are coming back that were hidden in my mind for years. Thanks May. For reminding me.

Gabe said...

actually seeing the photos of may's experience really makes my own memory of mine feel so insufficient. i wish i had an eye like may has when i was there.

i love the windows.. i love the details of all the post it notes

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