North Trip! {Part 5}

Sunset Venice

on the line

This was the last destination of our north trip. We saved the best for the last.
It was all sunny when we were there. We're so lucky. The water was sparkling under the sunshine.

This image with the city being the single line on the horizon amazed me.

Can you guess where this is?


Gabe said...

Venezia! or Venice... wooo.. i love the beautiful skies! my favourite is the silouette of the bridge

Celine said...

oooh venice! I loved and hated you! I really want to go back, and show it to Jin.

I love all your photos in this post. The last one is my fave.

Anonymous said...

I love the teo last ones. And I love Venice too, amazing place!

May said...

ohh thanks everyone! i felt so lucky to be there!

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