a new project

It' been so cold these days.
I've been home, doing a bit of sewing.

It's so much more complicated when it comes to sewing a dress. I'm slowly learning my way through.

Hope you are having a good weekend.


Elisabelle said...

Longing to see the dress...
I really enjoy the pictures of work in progress!

Gabe said...

she's been frustrated with it.. but honestly.. its looking amazing! and she hasn't really spent that much time on it either. a good learning project =]

Shokoofeh said...

Your sewing process looks gently fun!

Anna Emilia said...

It sounds and looks a perfect project and a way to stay home. Very nice to meet you May.

Be warm with a teacup over the weekend!

May said...

oh thank you guys. like gabe side i've been really frustrated with this dress at times, but it's almost done, hopefully i can show you photos of the finished piece this weekend.

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