sunday lights

sunday light

I woke up under these light shining through my east facing window.
I quickly rolled out of bed and took these photos.
Having this much of sunlight during the winter times is such a gift.

How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with sunlight for you too.


Anna Emilia said...

Looks very lovely morning. The pictures are beautiful too.

Weekend was about painting, one birthday party with an exhibition opening and more painting! Good that way, thank you for asking!

Have a good Monday May.

Celine said...

I like your pink polkadot curtains! I have to ask you how you made them for your bathroom. We need some soon!

ashley said...

great light in these. love the polka dots in the middle photo.

alexandria said...

You have soothing beautiful light coming in. I like these!

Jen said...

Such pretty photos.
I love morning light.

Jen said...

PS. Thanks for the comment.
And now I know about yours.
Instant fan, here.

Ulrika said...

These are so beautiful!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Loving the curtains!

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