Celine's Photo-booth


hi celine!

We went to another amazing Workroom Trunk show. This time, our friend Celine was doing a Photo-booth! Celine, Jin and Roz put together this photo-booth in the backyard of the workroom for a fun day of photo taking. A lot of people came by. See the whole set here!


Gabe said...

great candids of celine and jin

awesome good time at the workroom

Celine said...

I am so glad you and Gabe came!
you two were so cute!!!!! I loved the photos of you two!!!
And thank you SO MUCH for the housewarming gifts!!! I LOVE IT! (and Jin loves it too, although he didn't know that was "needed" pillows).
miss you!

rosalyn said...

these pictures are so cute!
it was so nice to see u and gabe!!! :)

hearblack. said...

this looks like a lot of fun!

wish I was more local to join in on stuff like this!

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