ruffles and rain drops


I hope the rain can calm down Toronto a little bit.


Celine said...

I only saw rioters on the news. I didn't see them coming in, or going out or driving through the city last night. they are like a rare sighting to me!

Ida Nielsen said...

There's something so soothing about this set of pictures. Just lovely!

Gabe said...

you're right Ida, the photos definately have a calm soothing feel to them.

the peony in your first photo reminds me of your hair accessory peice in your profile photo

May said...

Celine! you didn't see any rioters while you were driving across the city? I'm guessing you missed the craziest time during the day.. the city looks insanely chaotic on some photos!

Ida, Thank you!! I love taking photos after it rained!

S and O said...

pretty pictures...the last one is so nice!
hope your having a great day!

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