Grandma's Town

My Grandmother lives in a Tiny town close to the ocean. It's so tiny, we can stroll around the entire town in less than an hour.

I'm not so familiar with this place, I don't even understand the Dialect people speak here completely. I hated to come here when I was a kid, because it gets so hot in the summer, and so cold in the winter, plus, there's no playgrounds here, and no toys I could play with. I couldn't stand a bit of it.

Last time I was here, I was 16. Seven years past by and the town still looks the same as I remembered. Except, this time I started to like being here, because of the boat houses, the old stone road, and my lovely grandmother. She was clapping her hands and kissing me when she first saw me.

My dad took me on a stroll to see his elementary school and the house he lived in when he was 6 years old. I thought it was really special to walk with him on the same road he walked on when he was a child.


Elisabelle said...

very moving post and wonderful photos.

Kristina said...

This little town looks amazing.
Would love to visit some of those still remaining original small vllages in China!!
Viele Gruesse, Kristina

Barbara said...

what an incredible place! you took such beautiful pics.. i'm glad u shared them with us

alexandria said...

I love the stories behind your photographs. The town looks so beautiful and sweet.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

how incredible! must have been a really wonderful feeling to see where your father lived at 6 years old. I think that's just so sweet.

su xin said...

ur photography skill developes a lot~haha~

Gabe said...

its so nice to hear that parts of China still remain the same.

i wish i could have been there to see your grandmother clapping in excitement =]

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