to a new year

A new look for the new year. I hope you like it.

This blog has been with me for almost two years and I've met so many wonderful people through the blogging community. I thank everyone of you who have visited and commented, your kind words and encouragements are really what's keeping this blog going.

This year, I promise to take more photos and share with you more often.

Happy 2011 dear friends!


daysandamused said...

Happy New Year May!
2011...bring it on.
Love the new look.

t a n y a said...

really, really like the new look. then again, i really, really liked the old look too :) happy new year...glad to have met you!

Celine said...

happy new year May! I like the new look! It is really cute!!!
Love those lights!

Elisabelle said...

Happy New Year!!!

Ida Nielsen said...

Happy New Year :-)

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