In the Rooms..


orange shower

living room

We had one of those rare sunny days last Sunday.

Celine and Jin joined us for brunch, then we headed to 'Come Up to My Room' for some inspirational installations. I'm always amazed by the kind of things our local artists come up with.

We bumped into many uwsa grads and students. GroundWork, which is formed by uwsa students participated in the show this year. Their wall installation turned out beautifully. I'm loving the shadow effects.

I think a snow storm is coming our way..
Thanks for your comments on the last post! Some of you asked about the mittens. If you happen to visit Canada, you can find them in The Bay, or here.


Gabe said...

i think my favourite is the thread illustrations and the perspective skewing barn. i look like a giant!

alexandria said...

These are really cool. I hope you stay warm!

maja said...

pretty installations. is the second one made of gypsum?

maja said...

/first i mean :)

Ida Nielsen said...

Cool. I really like the red circular thread installation - it's like a giant mobile for grown ups ;-)

Christine said...

Looks like a fun installation!

May said...

maja! the installation is made of CNC milled foam, coated with a metallic paint.

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