things for the new year

wrist warmers

It's the year of the rabbit everybody, and I'm a rabbit!
Happy lunar new year!


Some wrist warmers I've been working on for a long time. You probably noticed that the two don't look identical, and that's because I've ripped the left hand one a couple of times as a result of not writing down the pattern of the first one so this second one turned out way bigger for my hand. The yarn became all wrinkly after I ripped it apart, and hence the not so pretty stitches and sloppy look.

I am pretty happy with how the right hand turned out though. As soon as I fix the left hand one, they will be a perfect pair for the early spring weather.


whitney reeder said...

i love them!

t a n y a said...

very cool. i like the colour of the yarn.

daysandamused said...

happy new year!

alexandria said...

Beautiful colour! Happy New Year, May!

Kristina said...

Loving your wrist warmers.
Would love to also do similar ones :) Where did you find the pattern??? :)
xox, Kristina

su xin said...

u are sooooo~~~woman~hehe~weaving may never happen on me...
nice gloves! make one pair for me~haha~

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