summing up winter





Just a few more winter scenes to show you before spring comes in full swing.

A couple of things here,
-We side goodbye to the beloved Hoof Cafe
-A new favourite coffee shop
-A new sustainable fish store in Leslieville
-The spring kind of light has peeked into my room

This is a good roll, I'll have more to show you, soon.


Gabe said...

you take some of the best candid photos. i like the secret capture of celine, the colourful fish and that might just be the best hoof cafe dish ever. scrumptious

Celine said...

I LOVE these pictures! that first pic looks sooo good. I love how you got the servers hand in it. And those pics from the cafe are sooo good.

Melinda Josie said...

May, these photos are beautiful! Is the coffee shop 'Good Neighbour' in the Junction?

May said...

Thanks guys!
Celine, the hand is actually Lindsey reaching for the grilled tongue sandwich :)
Melinda, The coffee shop is the Tampered Press on Dundas, right across Trinity Bellwoods. Great space and coffee!

Ida Nielsen said...

Good roll indeed - I love all of these :-)

daysandamused said...

Ooh, share more! I love these photos.

Shirley said...

Your winter looked really good to me, especially that 3rd photo *love*

amanda jane said...

those wooden fish are adorable. I'm quite smitten with your photography.

galatea. said...

your blog is perfect and my kinda style. i'm in love x

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