Don Valley Brick Works

Thank you for your warm comments about my last post. I've always wanted to take more photos of people; I think now is the time, if only I can get over my shyness.


These are of places I've been to or passed by. The last three were taken in the Don Valley Brickworks, a historical brick making site now transformed into a community environmental centre. I went on a Saturday to visit the farmer's market. There weren't too many vendors to fill the building yet, but the selection was good. I bought great cheese and freshly baked bread. There are so many things happening here daily such as skating and yoga as well as learning how to fix your bike. We saw kids making bread on a stick in the courtyard!

I'm heading there this weekend again for Toronto Bake for Japan. Come by and support the cause if you're in the city.


Shirley said...

Hi May, I especially love that 3rd shot where the guy's legs mirror that of the pattern right above him! I know what you mean about people shots, I can never get comfortable about that too unless they're my friends.

Gabe said...

hey shirley, good eye! that's why i like that photo too!

i love the lighting in the brickworks barn

studio meez said...

So happy you came by, now I discovered you're blog. Beautiful pictures!

Ulrika said...

Ooo, that last place would have been perfect for a Triplex photo shoot! :) Love those pictures.

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