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While Celine and Jin went on their adventures, I hung out with Mojo and Mea.
They're a good looking pair, aren't they? They were the superstar-furry-seed-guardians!

I love them so much, now I'm considering of having my own cats, just thinking..for now!

p.s. Anabela posted about this adorable catzine


Celine said...

Jin and I cannot thank you and Gabe enough for spending so much quality time with them, and for giving them your love. I know they felt loved because they didn't act up when we came home! *phew*
I really hope you and Gabe get a kitty some day! Kittens are seriously the cutest things in the WORLD.

alexandria said...

These are wonderful shot of the cats. I love how content they look.

anabela / fieldguided said...

You should get one or two! So many sweet little guys out there that need homes... although, when you're ready of course! They'll be waiting for you.

Anna Emilia said...

Happy month of yours dear May!

Your friends with four soft paws look very adorable.

Happy weekend!

Pierre BOYER said...

Nice cats !
Greetings from France,


studio meez said...

Oh, they are so cute!

amanda jane said...

cute, cute, cute!

galatea. said...

wow very beautiful cat photos. the black one is absolutely intense!

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