cherry blossom

little bit of green

I've been very much enjoying May, it is my month after all!
Toronto is finally catching up with spring, and I'm so happy to see so many people on the streets. I've been having lunch out on the patio almost every day this week, it makes the average work day so much more eventful. I'd live on that patio every summer if I can.

I'm going to the Photographica-Fair on Sunday, I don't have any money to buy another camera, since I've been spending a lot on furniture lately, but I'm hoping to find some rare film.

Have a sun-filled weekend!

p.s. I just joined Twitter!


Gabe said...

this film seems a little more contrasty eh? love the colours!

galatea. said...

beauty in all the lil' things you see x

Ida Nielsen said...

Wow, the first picture is sooo great. The flowers against that blue blue sky, wow!

amanda jane said...

happy may to you! these are lovely. the fair sounds splendid as well. :)

sunkentreasure said...

well hello :-)
love coming here too
I miss having a patio, there is nothing better than drinking a cup of coffee outside. enjoy it!

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