R.C Harris

There are so many things happening in the city everyday in the summer, and I've been too busy enjoying all of it. The last ttwo photos are of the R.H. Harris water treatment plant, a beautiful art deco building by the lake. It's amazing how much people valued infrastructure back in the days, isn't it? Who would care to design a plant nowadays?

On a bright note, I'm heading to LA and Vancouver in a week! I will be spending a lot of time with family and friends. Although I've lived in both cities, I'd love to hear your suggestions on where I can go. Do you know of any gems in these cities?


amanda jane said...

this film is rad. I love it. Happy travels!

erica-knits said...

Have fun! Gorgeous pictures of the city. I wish more was invested into making buildings of all kinds beautiful.

Shirley said...

It must be so nice over there in the summer, I hope you have lots of fun may!

kitchu said...

found you through Astrid. so inspired. loving your photos.

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