Parc Jeanne Mance

Two of my friends and I drove to Montreal for Thanksgiving long weekend a couple weeks back, the weather there was mighty fine, 24 degrees for an October weekend, I could hardly believe it. We took it easy and went to a few favourite places, Shwartz, Jean Talon market and Mont-Royal Park, to name a few. I also bumped into a university friend on the street! I love seeing familiar faces in foreign places, don't you? I once bumped into a high school friend in Florence, Italy, it just happened both of us were there for the weekend. Anyway, I digressed, I will post about Jean Talon market next!


alexandria said...

Such lovely photos and what a great way to spend Thanksgiving! I like how you think.

amanda jane said...

this looks like so much fun. beautiful images!

Ida Thue said...

It sounds wonderful. Belated happy thanksgiving ;-)

Shirley said...

Hope u had a great time, hope little russell Is doing well too! I'll be looking out for the photos of jean talon market :)

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