{Roxton Road Parks} Monday, after rain visit

The day started grey and I could feel the increased humidity in the air. It’s been like this since yesterday. It’s been bottling up and it wanted to rain, but only was able to squeeze a little drizzle last night. Finally, by late morning today, the sky got really dark and rain started pouring down immediately. I could hear the increased intensity of the rain drops hitting the pavement. I always enjoy a summer storm pour; they are usually short and satisfying. Within five minutes, the rain stopped, though the sky was still grey with the sun peaking in and out a couple of times.

I thought the rain might give me a little more clue as to where the Garrison creek used to run through. Maybe there is a slight depression throughout the park that marks the creek’s past life. This was not the case. I walked around the park trying to make note and differentiate the various ground conditions. Sure some areas are wetter than others but they come in patches. The ground of the east side of the park was generally moister than the west side. This was probably only due to the natural slope of the site. The areas under the trees didn’t dry as fast as those that situated in a clearing. These all made perfect sense to me. The only thing that puzzled me was that I found a few puddles of water in muddy dirt on and next to the X shaped paths crossing the park. This may be because of the soil in these areas don’t drain as well and water tends to build up. Another speculation of mine is that the path cutting from the southwest to the northeast corner of the park may be following the previous course of the Garrison Creek. Looking at the creek diagram shown on the Toronto Lost Rivers website, this speculation may very well be true.

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