first skirt

I think my first skirt deserves its own post.

Remember the sewing class i mentioned 2 months ago? Yeah class was done 3 weeks ago, but I just finished the skirt today, because i realized it was too big for me after i sewed up everything! So remember to try on your skirt before you sew on the zipper and other things girls!

I have to say the skirt turned out pretty well, except it's still a little too big on me, but a belt could fix that!

The next project on the list is a spring ruffle top tutorial by Rae from Made by Rae.
I love free patterns!

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Celine said...

May! it looks so good!! Thanks for letting me borrow your pattern for this! We can be skirt twins! Although, I am too lazy to start a new project now......someone needs to push me (looking at you!)
Your next project looks so cute!!!!! I really want to see it after you finish!!

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