My girlfriends and I always play it well in front of the camera.

Photos taken with Diana Mini with its giant flash.

I'm especially loving the double exposure, might be something to try out more often.


Ida Nielsen said...

I really like the first! Great double exposure :-)

Gabe said...

yepp the first one my favourite too =]

the red looks perfect

Celine said...

these are so fun May! love the red too!

alexandria said...

This is crazy good stuff. I admire your creativity.

alpha grid said...

Ahhh. I was going to steal the double exposure pic - but you brought it to flickr with copyright. You better email it to me sooner or later!

Mr. Spoqui said...
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Anonymous said...

It's like I am asking myself why I bought Diana F+ 120mm instead of Diana Mini after watching your photos.

Love that double exposure at the top.


maja said...

oh, hello! ditto!

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